✈️ Scandinavia this summer? The (Nordic) choice is yours

✈️ Scandinavia this summer? The (Nordic) choice is yours

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There is a religion called Pikpuk that believes God is a computer program developed by aliens and that one can reach immortality by transferring their conscience onto a computer chip. You can read more about it at this link. Our world is just full of the most… unique… cultures.

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I'll be getting some emails from the Disney adults later, but I'm willing to take the bullet to spread the truth…

Let’s finish off the week with a bang, shall we?

  • 💸 LAST CALL - Get $40 or a free Apple AirTag

  • 🏨 Nordic Choice summer pass promo

  • ✈️ First-class Friday: How to use those sweet, sweet signup bonus points

💸 LAST CALL - Get $40 or a free Apple AirTag

As you know, Rakuten is offering a massive rebate for new users, and super high cash back at places like Expedia, Viator, and more for this week only.

I laid out why this is a great deal and how to use it to get an Apple AirTag for under $1, but I have something even better to share with you…

Our community manager, Megan (who can turn even tedious points and miles talk into a fun time), has made a video that walks you through every single step.

Check it out to see how you can take advantage of this deal in just a couple of minutes, plus a special surprise at the end that can turn your cash back into something TWICE as valuable… 👇

🏨 Nordic Choice summer pass promo

Every once in a while, Choice Hotels throws a decent promotion at us. If you’ve ever booked one of these promos, you may have noticed that they always exclude hotels in Scandinavia.

That’s because there is a separate entity called Nordic Choice Hotels. While you can still use Choice points to book these hotels (for great value, I might add), it separates itself in most other ways.

Right now, Nordic Choice has a pretty incredible offer for a 7-night summer pass that could save you a TON of money.

Here’s how it works:

  • Buy a 7-night summer pass for €595 (about $650 USD)

  • Use the pass for up to seven nights between June 22 and August 21

  • Most hotels come with free breakfast

  • You can use multiple nights to book multiple rooms on the same night if you’re traveling with a large group

    • (example: use six nights of your pass to book two rooms for three nights at the same hotel)

Overall, this is an excellent deal.

Scandinavia is REALLY expensive, especially in summer. The fact that you can book seven nights for less than $100 per night is great value.

For example, you could use this pass to book a 7-night stay at this property in Stockholm that would otherwise cost almost $300 per night.

That means that you’d save $1,300 on this particular property by using this pass as opposed to just paying the standard rate… plus you get free breakfast.

Alternatively, you could stay at this lovely property in Copenhagen, which also normally costs close to $300 per night in the summer.

The cool thing about Clarion Hotels is that in addition to complimentary breakfast, you’ll also get daily Fika (även om detta är från Sverige 😉), and evening meals, adding a ton more value to an already excellent deal.

Overall, this is one of the better summer hotel promos I’ve seen so far this year. I often avoid Europe in the summer because of the tourist overcrowding and sheer high costs.

But I might change some plans around to spend some more time in my favorite part of the world at a very reasonable price!

If you want to save even MORE money, you could just transfer points from this credit card to Choice Hotels at a 1:2 ratio… that means 10,000 points turn into 20,000… so there’s no bad option here, folks.

✈️ First-class Friday: How to use those sweet, sweet signup bonus points

I don’t know about you all, but over the last couple of weeks, the Daily Drop team has been riding the high from this card’s new sign-up bonus 😍

It’s just so good and tasty. Like chasing after an ice cream truck in your childhood knowing you’re going to get that bomb chocolate-dipped drumstick cone.

Except now we’re all big boys and girls. And instead of scoring a sweet treat, we’re scoring sweet airline seats.

To keep the festivities going, we wanted to show you a few more examples of how you could use your new 80K+ points once you reach that minimum spend.

1. New York to Singapore via Singapore Airlines business class (part of the leg)

Some of us love the idea of being in the air for 30+ hours on a massive travel day(s)… but some of us don’t.

If you’re gonna book this route, you might as well spend those 30ish hours in business class 😎

You can transfer your reward points earned on this card to Air Canada’s Aeroplan, to then book a coveted seat on the oh-so-fancy Singapore Airlines (for at least one of the legs).

If you weren’t using points, a similar route would cost you over $10,000 which is BONKERS to think you could get those seats for 71K points and $44 CAD (~$32 USD).

And since you’ve got a 12 hour layover in Mumbai, why not use your remaining points to transfer to Hyatt and stay here for the night:

2. San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta via Southwest

Southwest isn’t known for their… luxury. BUT if you want to head down to Mexico for a week (and feel luxurious there), you could easily make SIX roundtrip flights using your 80K bonus.

Plus, we know many of you took advantage of Southwest’s Companion Pass promo earlier this year, so not only would you be getting a great deal on half a dozen trips down to Mexico (or other Central American and Caribbean destinations!), but so would your designated companion.

It’s almost as if you’re getting a 100% transfer bonus since the both of you would be flying almost free on your 80K points for all those flights.

3. New York to Milan via Emirates business class on the A380

Sigh… There is just something about Emirates 🥰 And they’ll even take us to Europe.

This itinerary comes in at 87K, which is a tad over our 80K budget, but hear me out.

As you work towards reaching your minimum spend of $4,000 to get your 80K bonus, you’ll obviously end up with 84K in the end… because you spent $4,000. It’s maaaath.

BUT, that card has a handful of spending categories that are 2x, 3x, and even 5x points earned per dollar.

There’s a pretty high chance that a chunk of your normal purchases would fall into one of those higher spend categories, so reaching 87K is totally doable.

And just in case you needed a visual of how incredible Emirate’s A380 business class is… you can scroll through their photos to check out the seats and the bar (a freaking bar!).

It’s still one of my favorite flights to date.

And just remember, kids, these are only a few itineraries of how you can maximize the reward points you’ll earn from this card.

It truly makes the travel-hacking world SO exciting!

P.S. If you want a refresher on how you could DOUBLE these rewards so both you and your partner have points to work with… check out our article on two-player mode.

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That’s all for today, friends! This weekend, I’m off to my ancestral homeland of Sweden for some dank meatballs, prinsesstårta, and disgusting (but strangely enjoyable) pickled herring.

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