✈️ Travel hack while upgrading your wardrobe

✈️ Travel hack while upgrading your wardrobe

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🛳️ Holland America just released a new, 42-day Mediterranean and Atlantic cruise that will travel from Europe to the Middle East in November. Read more here.

Good morning and welcome back to Daily Drop, the most well-traveled newsletter on the planet. At this point, DD has been written from over 50 countries!

If only newsletters could rack up frequent flyer miles… 😩

We’ve got a special surprise for you today, so let’s get to it:

  • ✈️ Black Friday in July - get cheap flights AND a sick shirt

  • 🍪 Tasty travel tidbits

  • 🏨 Marriott is showering us with multiple promos

✈️ Black Friday in July - get cheap flights AND a sick shirt

It looks like Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, and every other holiday has come early, folks. And I gotta say… I’m excited for this one. 😏

In an effort to delight and surprise you fine people, FareDrop is currently offering a SWEET sale for a VERY limited time, with a SUPER special surprise thrown into the mix…

Here’s the deal…

Until August 11th, you can get a 50% discount on a FareDrop Global Pro membership, which means you only need to shell out $49 for a FULL YEAR of FareDrop.

Oh, and I almost forgot the most exciting part…

You’ll also get a FREE custom airport t-shirt to show off your home (or favorite) airport. We hired some models to showcase these new shirts if you want to get an idea of what they look like. 👇

If you’re already a FareDrop member and starting to feel the FOMO creeping in on you, don’t worry… existing members can buy a t-shirt for just $20 with free shipping as well.

Now if you live outside the U.S. and Canada (which are currently the only countries supported by FareDrop), you’re ALSO in luck.

ANYONE can also buy one of these shirts and have it shipped to almost anywhere in the world! We have over 300 different airports to choose from!

So whether you live in Northwest Arkansas, Helsinki, or Siem Reap, we got you boo.

As I said, this deal won’t last for very long. So if you’re a travel nerd like me and want to strut your stuff with an airport on your back, get clickin’ 👇

Now… if you don’t know what FareDrop is, let me blow your mind quickly…

FareDrop sends you notifications for dirt-cheap flights from your home airport (or multiple airports) all over the world.

In fact, I used FareDrop for YEARS before working for this company—within days of signing up back in 2019, I booked a round-trip ticket from Toronto to Madrid for just $225.

They have tons of awesome deals, and FareDrop is a travel-hacking tool I still use to this day.

As you can see, the $49 you’ll pay for one year with this sale will justify itself many times over with even one solid deal. The free t-shirt just sweetens the pot even more…

So don’t miss out on this chance to save money and travel the world in style.

🍪 Tasty travel tidbits

🏨 Marriott is showering us with multiple promos

And if we weren’t already spoiled enough with today’s news, Marriott has hopped on the “surprise promotion” bandwagon with a series of targeted offers, some of which are actually really awesome…

As I mentioned, these offers are targeted, meaning not everyone will have them and those who do have them could have any one of them.

First, let me tell you which ones are out there that you may see on your account:

  1. Earn double points on weekend stays (a stay that involves a Friday or Saturday night)

  2. Earn double points on ALL stays

  3. Earn double elite night credit on paid stays

Obviously, the last two are the most valuable. Double points and double elite nights are both promos I’d be THRILLED to get.

To find out which of the above promos (if any) you have on your account, simply:

  • Open your Marriott app and click the “Account” tab

  • Click on “My Promotions”

  • Under “New Promotions” you’ll see which options you have and can register for them

In case you’re wondering…

On my account above, you can see that I have a promotion to earn 50,000 points after six paid nights.

This is actually a promotion tied to a Marriott co-branded credit card that I recently signed up for, which includes this 50,000-point promo on top of the signup bonus.

If you are a Marriott Boi™️ like me and want to rack up a ton of points and add a nice card to your wallet, make sure you check out the offers on Marriott’s co-branded cards before it’s too late.

Between these promos, the new card signup offers, and the free night promo, I was lucky enough to snag a few weeks ago, it’s a good time to be a Marriott loyalist (except for when they ruin your birthday, which happens 😉).

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That’s all for today, folks… I’m gonna go back to bed for a bit. Sadly, I’m sick again… as is tradition.

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Take care, have a great Monday, and (hopefully) see you first thing tomorrow ❤️

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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