🚨 Red Alert: Fast-track to Hyatt elite status

🚨 Red Alert: Fast-track to Hyatt elite status

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Did you know: 25% of the Dominican Republic’s land and shoreline are preserved as national parks, reserves, and sanctuaries. Learn how to visit this beautiful country later in the newsletter. 👇

Good morning, beautiful people. Today’s newsletter is VERY IMPORTANT, so I won’t waste your time with any preamble. Let’s get down to business:

  • 🚨 Red Alert: Fast-track to Hyatt elite status

  • ✈️ Cathay Pacific (finally) starts giving away free flights to Hong Kong

  • 🌍 Where in the World Wednesday: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

🚨 Red Alert: Fast-track to Hyatt elite status

Okay, I know I’ve been talking about Hyatt and Bilt a lot lately… But you NEED to hear me out because this deal falls into the category of “very very good.”

As part of Bilt’s April “Rent Day” promotion, you can fast-track yourself to Explorist or Globalist elite status with Hyatt with very little effort.

Check it out:

  • If you register for the promo by April 1st, you will receive Hyatt Explorist status for 90 days beginning on April 17th

  • Between April 17 and July 16, you can stay 10 nights at Hyatt hotels to retain Explorist status until February 2025

  • If you stay 20 nights in the 90-day timeframe, you’ll earn Globalist status through February 2025

So let’s be clear here: this is a way to unlock almost TWO YEARS of Hyatt Globalist status for 1/3 of the normal requirement.

If you’re thinking that this is too good to be true, you’re not alone. It’s absolute madness.

But here’s the best part:

Anybody can create a Bilt Rewards account and register for this promo, no credit card required. Simply log into the Bilt app and click on the “Fast track to Hyatt Elite Status” rent day section.

Normally you’d need to stay 60 nights in a year to unlock Globalist status or 30 nights for Explorist status.

The fact that you can get many great benefits for only 10 nights and ALL of the benefits for 20 nights is something that anyone should take advantage of if they’re able to.

Here are some of the perks of Hyatt Globalist status:

  • Increased points earning

  • Free lounge access and breakfast

  • Waived resort and destination fees

  • Free suite upgrades

  • Free 4:00 PM late checkout

  • Free parking

  • Guest of honor bookings

Hyatt Globalist status is widely believed to be the single best hotel elite status out there, though notoriously difficult to achieve. This is a very valuable chance to try it out with much less effort than normally required.

To make things even better, you can stack this offer with Hyatt’s Bonus Journeys promotion, which gives 3,000 bonus points for every two nights stayed (read more here).

All of this is in addition to Bilt’s other Rent Day perks like free points for playing trivia games, and elevated earning rates on the Bilt Mastercard.

As a refresher, holders of the Bilt Rewards Mastercard can earn double points on all non-rent purchases on the first day of every month.

Here are the normal earning rates for the Bilt card:

  • 3 points per dollar on dining

  • 2 points per dollar on travel

  • 1 point per dollar on everything else

On the first of every month, however, this is what you’ll earn:

  • 6 points per dollar on dining

  • 4 points per dollar on travel

  • 2 points per dollar on everything else (except for rent, which is still one point per dollar)

Even though it’s only for a single day out of the month, those are still incredibly high earning rates. It also allows you to be strategic about making certain purchases since you know exactly when these elevated earning rates will happen.

Bilt has proven that its Rent Day promotions are here to stay, and they will only continue to get better. There has never been a better time to become a member and/or sign up for the Bilt Mastercard.

✈️ Cathay Pacific (finally) starts giving away free flights to Hong Kong

Many moons ago, I told you about how the government of Hong Kong (in partnership with local airlines) was giving away 500,000 free flights to Hong Kong to promote tourism in the post-COVID world.

Well, that process has finally begun!

Last week, Cathay Pacific gave away 8,800 flights in Vietnam, which indicates they will be giving away batches of tickets by country.

The catch is that you need to be a Cathay Pacific rewards member to be eligible, and there is no exact schedule for when they will be giving away tickets for a given country.

So here’s what you can do:

That wasn’t too hard, was it?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that at least some Daily Drop readers around the world snag some of these free tickets.

If you don’t want free flights to Hong Kong and end up winning them, I know a guy with two thumbs and a bad case of jet lag who’d love to take them off of your hands…

(It’s me, btw. I’m that guy)

So, regardless of which country you live in, let us know if you get an email from Cathay Pacific sometime in the coming weeks/months so we can give the rest of our readers a heads-up about which countries they’re hitting.

🏡 In Partnership with Bolt Farm Treehouse

We looove unique accommodations around here, as do Kara and Nate 🤗 

Seriously, what better way to discover a new destination than by also making your new home for the night a special experience?

That’s why we’re really excited to talk to you all about Bolt Farm Treehouse!

You might remember Kara and Nate’s video about this totally dreamy treehouse getaway 😍 They showed us around not only the above-pictured luxury treehouse but also the neighboring glass dome that gifted us STUNNING panoramic views.

Bolt Farm Treehouse has since added even more unique and beautiful accommodations on their property so you, too, can relax in the mountains and enjoy all the special amenities they have to offer (hellooo hot tub, pizza oven, and private terrace!).

With springtime already here and summer shortly to follow, why not book your own stay?

And because you all are a special group of Daily Drop readers, (but let’s face it, you’re all special no matter what 🤗) you’re getting an exclusive deal!

The first 100 readers to book a stay at Bolt Farm Treehouse using our link will get $150 off their mountain getaway!

🌍 Where in the World Wednesday: Punta Cana, DR

Welcome back to another (virtual) trip around the world to our next FareDrop-inspired destination.

Are you ready? Today, we’re heading to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! 🇩🇴

And this isn’t any ole’ deal coming out of Miami. This is a roundtrip, LIE-FLAT, business-class seat for under $600! *clutches fancy business-class-worthy pearls* 😱

Here’s why you should jump on this deal and head to the DR:

The Dominican Republic, and specifically Punta Cana, is a place where good people like you all go to lounge, play, or both. I’m talking about some of the best resorts in the world, plopped on the best beaches, surrounded by the best food, culture, and activities 🤗 

If you’re into the flavors of famous Creole dishes… then *holy smokes* you’re in for a treat.

And after you’re done indulging, it’s time for more indulging in the form of paragliding, inland safaris, and rum tastings (among many, many other adventurous and leisurely activities).

Sheesh, why am I still sitting here in the cold??

If that all sounds like a good time to you, head to FareDrop to get this deal or a similar one that could send you to your dream destination ❤️

Wow, what a jam-packed newsletter, eh? I don’t know about you, but I’m freaking out.

$600 lie-flat plane seats? Hyatt Globalist status through 2025?? FREE flights to Hong Kong???

I hope y’all are as stoked as I am right now.

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See you tomorrow 💕

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Head Writer, Daily Drop

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