✈️ Planes, trains, and aut- I'm kidding, it's just planes

✈️ Planes, trains, and aut- I'm kidding, it's just planes

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Good morning from the Marvelous Suite (that’s what it’s actually called) at the W Hotel in Bogotá, the hotel equivalent of Björk. It’s fun and it’s great at what it does, but it’s just a little bit... well... weird.

Today’s newsletter is all about airlines, and trust me; there’s some good stuff:

  • ✈️ How to maximize the Spirit Airlines status match

  • ✈️ JetBlue $39 flash sale (today only)

  • ✈️ United offers discounts for travelers of certain ages

✈️ How to maximize the Spirit Airlines status match

Last week, I told you how to get Spirit Gold elite status for 12 months and save hundreds of dollars on their flights.

Earlier this week, I told you how to use your FREE Hyatt Explorist status to unlock this Spirit Airlines status. It was awesome.

Today, I’m going to (hopefully) blow your minds by taking this hack a step further to get more than just Gold benefits.

I’m talking free flights, free benefits from elite status, AND even free Big Front Seats. 🤯

So let’s start by reviewing what you’ll get for unlocking Spirit Gold status in the first place.

As you can see, this is a pretty hefty list of benefits. As we discussed, this means that your cheap $30 Spirit Airlines flight ACTUALLY costs $30 since you don’t need to pay for all of these add-ons.

But what if you’re a stingy boy like me and don’t even want to pay that $30?

Easy. Just apply for a Spirit Airlines co-branded credit card. 

I can’t show you a picture of it, link to it, or tell you too much about it here, but there’s only one of them out there. So if you can’t find it, you’ve got bigger issues to worry about.

Here’s what I will say about it:

  • You’ll get tens of thousands of points for signing up

  • You’ll get $100 of credit toward Spirit flights

  • The annual fee is waived in the first year

To be clear, the amount of points you’ll rack up from this card is about the same as the weight of the world’s largest gluten-free pizza, in pounds.

Spirit flights can be extremely cheap with points, as you can see below…

So in this case, you can get a TON of free flights, and then your Gold status will get you free seats, bags, food, priority boarding, etc.

So now your flights are COMPLETELY free, right?


Because you’re a stylish traveler, you’re gonna want to book that sexy Big Front Seat. I’m talking about those nicely cushioned, extra-legroom seats you always walk past when boarding the plane.

To be clear, these are larger than most domestic first-class seats on other airlines…

Usually, they’ll range in cost from $20 to $100 per flight, which is honestly a decent deal.

But here at Daily Drop, we don’t settle for decent deals.

Some credit cards offer what they call “airline incidental fees.” You may have seen this perk on cards like this one.

These credits don’t apply to tickets booked on airlines, but rather to auxiliary add-ons like, for example, Big Front Seats…

… you can probably see where I’m going with this…

On the flight I showed you above, you’d have to pay $95 for that big front seat.

If you use your card with airline incidental credits to pay for that Big Front Seat, you will get that charge credited back to your account for all purchases until you max out your credit.

So let’s recap:

  • Step one: Use your free Hyatt Explorist status to unlock Spirit Gold status for just $99 for 12 months

  • Step two: Rack up a ton of Spirit points by signing up for a free credit card

  • Step 3: Book your free flights using points and pay for a Big Front Seat using an “airline incidental” credit

  • Step 4: Step onto your completely free flight with free checked bags, free snacks, a free Big Front Seat, priority security, priority boarding, etc.

  • Step 5: Rejoice.

If you play this scenario out, your entire trip would result in a total cash cost of just $5.60, the cost of the taxes for the award flight.

I don’t know about you, but Spirit is starting to look a LOT more exciting to me… 🤔

✈️ JetBlue $39 flash sale (today only)

We talk about all these cool points and miles travel hacks, but there’s one hack that will always beat them all:

Super duper cheap flights.

JetBlue is having a flash sale until the end of the day today with flights for as little as $39.

Here are the details:

  • The deal is only valid until the end of the day TODAY (11:59 PM EST)

  • Valid for flights between May 2nd and June 21st

  • There are certain blackout dates and routes

Here are a few examples of good deals, including some longer-distance fares priced much lower than normal:

As you can see, you can even get some awesome deals on flights between North America and South America, and certainly plenty of cheap domestic deals.

Overall, this is sweet. As with other recent promotions, this is a fantastic way to save money during the crazy expensive summer travel season.

Make sure you hop on this deal ASAP if you’re interested - flights are limited and the deal ends tonight!

✈️ United offers discounts for travelers of certain ages

This one is for all you young travel hackers out there!

If you’re 18-23 years old, you’ll wanna listen up. And even if you’re not between 18-23 (ahem, me 🙄), you probably know someone in that age group who would love a killer travel deal.

When I was 18, I was easily eating $2.00 ramen for two of my three meals a day. Oddly enough, that sounds pretty darn close to how some of my modern-day lazy weekends at home pan out. Some things just never change… 😅

BUT one deal that wasn’t around when I was 18, is United’s flight discount for young travelers!

That’s right! Just for being young and spry, you’re eligible for a minimum of a 5% discount on select flights (more on that in a bit). Some users have even reported discounts of up to 60%. 😱

The most important things to know about this are:

  1. The bookings must be made through the United app.

  2. Discount fares will be available to book through December 31st, 2023.

But because I’m no spring chicken 🐥, I wasn’t able to test this out myself (believe me, though, I tried to dupe the system and temporarily change my birthdate… unsuccessfully).

Here’s a screenshot taken directly from United’s page that tells you how to get this discount.

Basically, once you add your (eligible) birthdate within the app, you should see an additional tab titled “Discounted travel (ages 18-23)” when you go to book a flight.

You should then be able to see a banner at the top that confirms your eligibility, and then view the discounted fares listed with each flight.

This right here may be the sole thing that would ever make me want to be 18 again. 🙃

FYI there are quite a few important FAQs regarding these discount fares on their site that you’ll want to be aware of if you’re interested in this deal.

If any of you end up booking a flight using United’s young traveler discount, we’d love to hear it!

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That’s all for today, y’all. I’m just gonna throw this out there quickly…

Tomorrow’s newsletter will include an amazing opportunity, probably one of the single best we’ve ever shared with you. So if there is one newsletter you don’t want to miss, it’s tomorrow’s.

And with that cliffhanger, I’ll leave you alone for the rest of the day. 🙂 

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Head Writer, Daily Drop

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