✈️ The travel hack that still rules them all

✈️ The travel hack that still rules them all

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Good morning and welcome back to Daily Drop.

Before we jump in, I just want to let you know that I will be taking the next week off from Daily Drop, which, to me, resembles the feeling of losing a limb.

But I’m fine. I’ll be fine. I’m fine.

Thankfully, you’ll be in good hands with our super cool and talented writer, Tiffany.

Just promise you won’t forget about me, ‘kay? 😉

Here’s what I got today:

  • 🌎 FareDrop Memorial Day sale (still the best travel hack)

  • ✈️ 30% Transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic

  • 🏨 Refer a friend to Marriott and get some points

🌎 FareDrop Memorial Day sale (still the best travel hack)

Happy (early) Memorial Day! In honor of this special holiday weekend, FareDrop is offering you a limited-time discount on our Global and Global Pro plans 🎉

In case you didn’t know, these higher-level FareDrop plans give you access to some seriously amazing discounts on both international AND business-class flights (see above for some current examples of flight deals!).

To get access to our business class domestic and international flights, you can upgrade to Global Pro for 50% off!

If business class isn’t your thing, but you still want access to international economy FareDrop deals, you can get 40% off of the Global plan.

PLUS, if you’re active or retired military, we’d love to give you an extra $20! Simply reply to this email with a photo of your military ID, and we’ll respond with a special discount code for you to use during checkout.

 🚨 But hurry! This offer expires Monday, May 29th, at MIDNIGHT. 🚨

Take advantage of our flash sale now so you can unlock some of the best flight deals around!

We hope you have a happy, safe, and reflective Memorial Day weekend ❤️

✈️ 30% Transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic

Y’all, I’ve never seen so many transfer bonuses in such a short period of time...

As you know, banks have been on fire lately with transfer bonuses to programs like Marriott, Flying Blue, and Virgin Atlantic.

That trend is continuing, this time with our friends over at the bank that makes the famous shiny, silver metal card we all know and love.

They are currently offering a 30% transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic, which is pretty exciting.

Here at Daily Drop, we consider Virgin Atlantic to be one of the best airlines in the biz.

They have an amazing product (especially their business class seats), and reasonable redemption rates for flying between the US and Europe.

I’m talking like 10,000 miles one-way...

Booking NYC to London on Virginatlantic.com

With this transfer bonus, you could book a trans-Atlantic flight for just 7,700 points, making this deal on par with Flying Blue’s Promo Rewards.

Of course, you could also splurge on a business class seat by transferring only 36,600 points (which would give you 47,500 after the bonus).

Same booking but in business class

Overall, it’s GREAT to see so many bonuses going on. I would definitely like to see other airlines get into the mix, though...

Why doesn’t Hyatt or Aeroplan have a bonus, right??

That would make my life pretty perfect... so banks, take note of that. 😉

🏨 Refer a friend to Marriott and get some points

Referral bonuses are sweet.

If you have a credit card with any of the major banks, there’s a good chance you can earn bonus points for referring your friend/family/neighbor/dog to the same card.

We call this playing the game in “two-player mode.” But that’s a topic for another day. 😉

Anyway, Marriott took that concept and applied it to your average run-of-the-mill loyalty program. 👇

That’s right. You can now refer someone to Marriott Bonvoy and BOTH earn bonus points!

Here’s how it works:

  • Generate your unique referral link here

  • Refer a friend and you’ll BOTH receive 2,000 bonus points per stay for their first five stays (10,000 points each)

  • Refer up to five people per year

2,000 points might not seem like a ton... because it’s not. But 10,000 starts to sound pretty darn sweet.

Marriott also offers a bunch of ways to earn little chunks of points, and those add up.

Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Linking your account with Uber (and ordering Uber rides and UberEats)

  • Marriott Eat Around Town (their dining program)

That’s obviously not including things like staying at Marriott hotels or spending on co-branded credit cards, either.

There are also ways you can maximize this promotion.

For example, if you have enough stays booked with your family, you could keep referring people in your household and earning many sets of points over time.

Is this going to earn you enough points for a stay at the Ritz-Carlton? Nope.

Will this earn you some free nights somewhere around the world? Most certainly, my dude.

Marriott hotels can be priced pretty cheaply, depending on where you travel.

For example, if you refer just one person in your household, you’d earn a total of 20,000 points (as a household) from this deal.

That’s enough points to book a 5-night stay at a hotel like this one in Kuala Lumpur, which I personally just booked for later this year.

5-night stay on Marriott.com for just 20,000 points!

Not too shabby, eh?

So don’t downplay the value you can get from all these little Bonvoy tricks!

Want to help Daily Drop take over the world? Share our newsletter with your friends/family/pets/colleagues/enemies and win some rewards in the process!

Sign up for Daily Drop to grab your referral link!

…or you can just buy these prizes from our website if you want to keep us all to yourself. 😉

That’s gonna do it for today, y’all.

As I said, I’m off for the next week - but I promise I’ll be thinking about you guys and all the awesome travel hacks we can share when I’m back. ❤️

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Safe travels wherever you may be going, and I’ll see you again soon.


Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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