✈️ Everyone wins with Bilt's June Rent Day promo

✈️ Everyone wins with Bilt's June Rent Day promo

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In an effort to help ease the anticipated summer travel backlog, TSA PreCheck is now free for teenagers traveling with their parents who hold this perk. This already applied to kids 12 and under, but now older teens can also join in on this fast-track security option!

Happy Tuesday, Daily Droppers! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, but hey, I have a little riddle for you… What has a nose and flies, but can't smell?


An airplane!

Meanwhile... here's what we're rockin' with today: 

  • 🎉 Everyone wins with Bilt’s June Rent Day promo

  • ✈️ Frontier offers a unique status match

  • 🤣 Funny travel meme

🎉 Everyone wins with Bilt’s June Rent Day promo

Okay, you guys. We love Bilt around here, and the first of June is creeping up on us. So you know what that means…


For those who are new here or aren’t familiar with Bilt, they offer a valuable, no-annual-fee card that lets you pay your rent with no credit card fees and earn rewards for it (among many other cool things!).

In fact, word on the street is that even some homeowners have been able to pay their HOA fees this way… Which is dope.

And each month on the first, they release some fun perks, challenges, status matches, etc. that can potentially be quite valuable.

Even if you don’t have the Bilt card, you can still create a free Bilt Rewards account and earn points in various ways (and participate in the Rent Day promos!).

For starters, you’ll always earn double the Bilt points on purchases made on the first day of each month. Plus, there’s always an additional promotion.

Let’s take a look at what Bilt has for us this June 1st 👇

Courtesy of Bilt

June happens to be Bilt’s birthday! So everyone who solves the Rent Day Challenge within the Bilt app on June 1st will receive a gift. And even if you don’t solve the puzzle, you’ll still get 50 Bilt participation points.

It’s like we’re all eight-year-olds getting participation trophies for that super competitive T-ball tournament… that we “lost.” 🤷🏻‍♀️

But if you DO complete the puzzle, you’ll win one of these prizes:

  • Bilt points: 25, 50, 10,000, or 100,000 points will be dropped into your winning account within 24 hours

  • Bilt Collection points: 5,000 or 25,000 points that can be put towards a purchase from the Bilt Collection

  • Lyft ride credit: $100 ride credit in the form of a Lyft Pass valid for one year

  • Free rent: Valid for one month!

  • Virgin Atlantic Upper-Class round-trip tix for two to London (from the U.S.)

  • Emirates business class round-trip for two to Dubai (from the U.S.)

Okay WOAH. It is definitely worth opening the Bilt app on June 1st to try and solve their puzzle. Worst case scenario is you walk away with 50 participation points!

They’ll also have five trivia questions available within the app on June 1st to help you boost your points. If you get all five correct, you’ll earn 150 points AND you’ll get access to a sixth trivia question worth an extra 100 points.

Courtesy of Bilt

So in total, you could earn a cool 250 points if you got all six questions right. But keep in mind, they’ll get progressively harder as you move to the next question 😏

✈️ Frontier offers a unique status match

This isn’t usually how things are done… but basically, anyone who holds an eligible travel credit card that has been issued in the United States (and has a Frontier Miles membership) could receive instant Frontier Elite 20K status… for a fee.

To be clear, this DOESN’T require existing status with another loyalty program… which is usually the name of the game. Because its status MATCHING, get it?

For the right traveler, this could be quite valuable, but that’s up for you to decide. But don’t worry, I’ll give you some deets to help you decide ☺️

For starters, Frontier’s Elite 20K is its entry-level status, but it’s got some decent perks considering it’s a budget airline that makes us peasants pay for everything.

Here are the main benefits of Frontier Elite 20K:

  • One complimentary carry-on bag

  • Complimentary standard seat assignment at time of booking

  • Priority boarding

  • Family pooling of Frontier Miles

  • Waived redemption fees

  • Last seat availability

  • Upgrade to Stretch seating at check-in (when available)

And here are the two options for getting this status:

  • Bypass the status match and just purchase Frontier Elite 20K status for $499. It’ll be valid through December 31, 2023, with no flying requirements.

  • Do the unique status match by paying an $80 application fee to get status through September 30, 2023. You can then have this status extended through December 31, 2023, by flying 5,000 miles with Frontier or by spending $5,000 on a co-branded Frontier Airlines card.

If you fly Frontier somewhat regularly, the value of these additional benefits could quickly add up! This is especially true if you know you’d hit those 5,000 flight miles in order to extend your status for a few more months.

If this sounds tempting, you should then check to see if any of your travel cards are eligible because, ironically, Frontier hasn’t released which cards are eligible for this…

But it’s super simple. For example, I found that this card, this card, and this card were all eligible (and I’m sure there are many others) 👇

Courtesy of Frontier

So overall, if you’re a Frontier frequent flyer, I think there’s definitely value here. Even if you fly Frontier somewhat frequently, paying the $80 application fee to get status could end up saving you some costs in fees that you might otherwise have to pay if you didn’t hold Elite 20K status.

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🤣 Funny travel meme

Please tell me I’m not the only one who never put those super useful elementary school recorder skills to use as a functional adult in today’s society.

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Welp, that’s all for today’s totally tasty travel-hacking Tuesday! I personally think that Tuesday is just the best day to talk about travel… because… alliteration 🙃

Are you as excited as I am about Bilt’s June Rent Day promo? What about Frontier’s status match? Think you’ll go for it? Respond to this email to let me know!

ttyl ❤️

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