✈️ Miles + miles = LOTS of miles (it's a transfer bonus)

✈️ Miles + miles = LOTS of miles (it's a transfer bonus)

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🤓 Travel Trivia: This tribe in Northeastern India calls themselves descendants of Abo-Tani, a mythical ancestor. And, they have yet to create a script. Rather, they speak Tibeto-Burman. Can you name this tribe?

Good morning, and welcome back to Daily Drop. I’m in a great mood today because, unlike the time I tried shrooms in college, I’m having a great trip right now.

I’ve been loving Taiwan and the other countries I’ve been to so far on my trip, and I have some good stuff to share with you today:

  • 🏨 Targeted IHG offer: Earn 20k points

  • ✈️ Avianca LifeMiles 115% transfer bonus

  • 🤓 Travel Trivia Tuesday

🏨 Targeted IHG offer: Earn 20k points

I got an exciting email the other day. And no, it wasn’t this week’s edition of the We Love Cats newsletter. Although… that too…

No, no. I’m talking about an email from IHG about a sweet promotion to earn an extra 20,000 bonus points.

Here’s the deal:

  • Stay four nights and earn 10,000 bonus points

  • Stay another four nights, earn ANOTHER 10k points

  • All stays must take place between September 1st and October 10th

  • You must register for the offer

  • It is a targeted promotion

The key here is that last point… This is a targeted offer, so not everyone will be able to register successfully.

Still, everybody I’ve personally asked about it has been able to register, so it seems widely available.

So what’s the big deal? Is this offer any good?

It’s pretty good. 20,000 points is pretty sweet and definitely enough to book something meaningful.

For example, I’m staying at the Holiday Inn in Cape Town in a few weeks, which only costs around 10,000 points per night.

The tough part about this promo is that the window is fairly short at just under a month and a half.

So here’s my takeaway:

If you already have trips planned, see if you can book stays or change your stays to IHG hotels to rake in the extra points.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t go too far out of your way to swing it.

✈️ Avianca LifeMiles 115% transfer bonus

This is a weird one…

Avianca has a unique deal going on until the end of the month. It’s a 115% transfer bonus. But this is not a traditional transfer bonus, so keep reading…

Here’s the deal:

Rather than transferring points from a bank, this bonus applies when you transfer your miles from one account to another.

For example, if I transfer 75,000 miles to my friend, they’d receive a total of 161,250 miles.

There’s one MASSIVE caveat to this deal, as you may have noticed from the image above… Avianca charges a cash fee for transferring miles between accounts.

So, to make the aforementioned transfer, it would run you a cool $1,125.

Sounds terrible, right?

Not so fast, bucko...

Since you’re getting a bonus of 86,500 miles, you’re basically buying miles at a rate of 1.3 cents each, which isn’t half bad.

But it even gets a little better. 😏

There are certain credit cards that earn lots of points on purchases with airlines, like this one that earns 5x points.

Since the transaction is processed by Avianca (the same site as when you book a flight with them), this transaction would earn another 5,625 points, which definitely sweetens the pot.

Two final points:

Obviously, you need Avianca miles in the first place to make this transfer. Luckily, you can transfer points from multiple banks to Avianca, and then use this deal to multiply them.

If you haven’t used Avianca miles before, they’re actually a GREAT option for booking flights all around the world.

If you want a quick example of how you can maximize LifeMiles, check out this newsletter, where I mention some good sweet spots.

🤓 Travel Trivia Tuesday

Correct answer: the Nyishi Tribe

There are a total of 26 indigenous tribes in the Arunachal Pradesh area, but this tribe stands out, mainly because their culture has been passed down orally for generations.

The Nyishi Tribe is heavily influenced by tradition and rituals.

For example, they believe in the existence of a number of uyub, or spirits. These spirits are in the jungles, on the hills, in the trees and rivers, and inside and outside the houses.

And, these spirits have the power to affect the lives of human beings. 

This tribe also considers the women in its community to be people of high importance, bringing peace and progress.

Read more about the Nyishi tribe here.  

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That’s all for today, kiddos. Let’s have some fun, shall we?

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And with that, I bid you adieu ❤️

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