✈️ The answer to all your lounge questions

✈️ The answer to all your lounge questions

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Fun fact: To test aircraft windshields, plane manufacturers use “chicken guns” to fire actual dead chicken bodies at the plane to mimic bird strikes. Don’t contact PETA, the chickens are already dead beforehand.

Good morning from 30,000 feet over New York state! I’m flying on Air Canada, the “steaming pile of horse dung” of airlines. Thankfully, I only have a couple more short flights with them before flying some real airlines throughout April.

In the meantime, let’s talk about some sweet, sweet travel hacks:

  • 🤔 Questions from the Lounge

  • 🏨 Wyndham Sweepstakes

  • ✈️ Really Cool Airlines

🤔 Questions from the Lounge

By now, many of you know about the Daily Drop Lounge, our online community for travel hackers. We’ve been having a lot of fun discussions over there, and I highly recommend you come join us.

One of the topics that have come up quite a bit is airport lounge access. We talk about it here in Daily Drop every once in a while, but not as much as we should.

Lounge access is one of the single best perks you can get out of travel hacking.

In fact, airport lounges like this are what got me interested in travel hacking way back in the olden days. 👇

This is Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse, in case you were wondering

Also in fact, I visit airport lounges at least once a week, though usually even more. I’ve visited two already today.

That’s why I’m excited to share our Daily Drop Ultimate Guide to Airport Lounge Access, a comprehensive PDF guide that walks you through what lounges are, where to find them, and, most importantly, how to access them through various methods.

The guide is so great that it’s been described as “the single greatest PDF of all time,” and “written by the coolest people in the travel hacking space.”

Described by me, that is.

But before you get too excited, there is a small catch; You’ll need to come join the Daily Drop Lounge in order to access it.

I know that joining a FREE community full of like-minded travelers in order to access a FREE travel hacking resource is a lot to ask, but trust me, it’s worth it.

I’ll see you over in the lounge, studs. 😉

🏨 Wyndham is giving away millions of points

If there’s one thing I love in life, it’s stuff. FREE stuff. Especially when that stuff is travel.

Oh, you too? No way. 

I’m glad you told me because right now, Wyndham is offering a sweepstake that will give some pretty incredible prizes to 100 lucky winners who complete a few simple tasks before March 31st (tomorrow).

Here is the breakdown of the prizes:

  • Grand Prize A (one winner): A Wyndham Championship Ultimate Fan Experience of a trip for two from Aug. 3-7 with airfare, accommodation, car rental, a $250 Visa gift card, event passes, and 15,000 Wyndham points.

  • Grand Prize B (one winner): An RFK Racing Ultimate Fan Experience trip for two from July 22-24 with airfare, lodging, car rental, a $250 Visa gift card, a garage tour, two 300-level grandstand tickets for a race on July 23 and 15,000 Wyndham points.

  • Grand Prize C (10 winners): 150,000 Wyndham Points

  • First Prize (88 winners): 45,000 Wyndham Points

First of all, I think it’s kind of hilarious how every prize is either a grand prize or a first prize… It seems totally unnecessary. I’d be totally fine with winning the “77th-place prize” if that prize is 45,000 points. But that’s just me.

I don’t need to explain why you would want to win any of the above prizes. It’s free travel… and lots of it.

There are multiple ways to enter to win, some of which are quite simple—so there’s really no reason to take five minutes and throw your beret into the ring.

You can get one entry into the drawing for doing each of the following before March 31st:

  • Complete the entry form on Wyndham’s website

  • Visit the Wyndham FaceBook page (while logged into FB), find the Wyndham Rewards Sweepstakes post, and comment on it with your next travel destination and the hashtag #WyndhamSweepstakes.

  • Do the same thing mentioned above, but on TikTok

  • Do the same thing as the last two bullets, but on Instagram

For reference, Wyndham hotels can be booked for as little as 7,500 points per night, so even the lowest prize is still quite valuable.

Don’t forget that you need to do this before the end of the day tomorrow to be eligible. And be sure to let us know if you end up winning (so I can collect my commission). 😉

🌱 Sponsored by AG1®

April Fool’s Day may be right around the corner, but I assure you the benefits of drinking AG1® are NO JOKE.

In fact, if you haven’t picked up any of the good stuff yet, then the joke’s kinda on you 🤭

Let me remind you just how good AG1 is 🤤 If you’ve been looking for something to help support your digestive health and your overall immunity, AG1 is a solid option.

Packed into every scoop or travel portion, you’ll find yourself being blessed with 75 high-quality ingredients that all work in harmony to create something super, duper nutritional.

Your body will thank you for all the essential multivitamins, minerals, and pre- and probiotics it’s getting with every sip. And this ain’t no April Fool’s joke—promise ❤️

Why not give AG1 a shot? You’ll get:

  • 🎉 A free welcome kit

  • ☀️ A year’s supply of Vitamin D

  • 📫 A flexible delivery schedule

  • ✅ A 90-day money-back guarantee

Just click that big, beautiful button to give it a go 👇

✈️ Really Cool Airlines

Remember when I told you about Bavarian Airlines, the German airline startup that ended up being a fraud scheme orchestrated by a 15-year-old kid?

Well, there’s another player in town trying to start up an interesting airline, this time in Thailand.

The name of the airline?

And before you ask, the answer is no. This isn’t an early April Fool’s joke.

Unlike Bavarian Airlines, however, this new startup is headed by an experienced airline CEO and seems to be completely legit.

They already have plans to acquire long-haul Airbus A350 planes and operate routes close to home in Asia and as far-flung as Europe. Having yet another low-cost carrier to book dirt-cheap flights around the world is always a welcome development in my book.

I just can’t help but laugh when I look at that picture, and be very skeptical when I see a new airline like this pop up.

But hey, if this airline works out as planned, that would be… really cool. 😎

That’s gonna do it for today, peeps. Tomorrow should be a VERY exciting day as we vote on the final four of our Daily Drop Travel Tournament, so don’t miss out.

In general, we have quite a few exciting announcements in the near future, and I cannot wait to share them with you. You can expect April to be an exciting month in the Daily Drop world.

For now, have a great day, and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow.

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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