✈️ Get BONUS miles with United's Mile Play promo

✈️ Get BONUS miles with United's Mile Play promo

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Haaappy Monday! Today, it’s me (Tiffany 🙋🏻‍♀️) taking over the newsletter, but we have a lot of you who are new around here, so you might be wondering…

Where’s Mike? 👀

Nothing to fear. Just know every now and then I pop up in the newsletter to fill in and fill your inbox with travel hacks 🤗

But let’s get to the real reasons why you’re here today:

  • ✈️ Rack up bonus miles with United’s Mile Play promo

  • ⛽️ [Targeted] Earn 5x bonus Marriott points per $1 at gas stations

  • ☕️ Sponsored by Beam (the dreamiest hot cocoa)

✈️ Rack up bonus miles with United’s Mile Play promo

If it isn’t obvious by now, the Daily Drop team is a tad obsessed with earning miles and points… especially when they’re bonus miles and points.

And right now, United is running their newest Mile Play promo that could help you earn some sweet bonus miles.

If you’re a MileagePlus member (it’s free to join), you can register for the promo between now and December 15th for the chance to be awarded bonus miles after completing some additional tasks.

And spoiler alert: Those additional tasks are usually in the form of booking a qualifying flight(s).

The “game” or the “play” part of this promo is that these offers will vary, so you never know what you’re gonna get.

I personally received this offer 👇

For full transparency, I don’t have any status with United, and I still received this offer.

Basically, if I book a cash flight of at least $225 between now and December 15th, I’ll receive 5,200 bonus award miles dropped into my account.

And this is in addition to any miles I would normally earn for booking and flying with United.

United miles are currently worth around 1.45 cents a piece, so 5,200 miles would give me a value of $75.40. Not too shabby.

I’m particularly interested in this promo because I’m currently in Italy and would like to make it home for the holidays.

My award flight from Europe will get me to New York, but I still need to get all the way back to Seattle.

I could then easily book this flight from EWR, meet the minimum $225 spend for the promo, and get 5,200 bonus United miles dumped into my account. It’s actually perfect 😏

Once I have those additional 5,200 miles, I can use them in all sorts of ways. I could book a short positioning flight from Seattle to Chicago using United’s Miles + Money option.

Or, I could use them to top off my overall pot of United miles to book an award flight in January for when I need to return to Europe.

Those 5,200 bonus miles would give me enough for United Polaris… 😏

Here are some terms and conditions to know:

  • Flights must be with United or United Express®

  • Booking and travel must take place by December 15, 2023

  • Only cash flights are eligible

I’ve talked to two other people who also received this promo, and their offers were different than mine. So I’d say your chances of receiving something are quite good.

Even if you don’t have any travel plans, I think it’s still worth registering because it takes ten seconds to do so, and you might find a reason to travel 🤷🏻‍♀️

AND if you do already have travel booked on United and your fare is refundable, it could be worth considering rebooking your flight if your Mile Play offer is good enough to make the switch worth it.

⛽️ [Targeted] Earn 5x bonus Marriott points per $1 at gas stations

So… gas stations are not the most glamorous thing to talk about, but we sure love ‘em when they count as a higher spend category for earning points.

Plus, for those of us who reside in the U.S… having a car is almost a necessity, and therefore, so are gas purchases.

I’m here to tell you that if you hold a Marriott card issued by this bank, check your offers to see if you received this 👇

Here’s the fine print:

  • You’d have between now and December 31st to earn these bonus points

  • Earnings are capped at 5,000 bonus points

  • Offer valid for eligible purchases at U.S. gas stations (or merchants who offer other convenience items, but whose primary business must be selling gas)

This is where it gets good.

Getting 5x points per dollar is already a solid earning rate for an everyday purchase like gas, BUT, depending what Marriott card you hold, that could actually go up to 7x - 9x points per dollar 🤯

Here’s why. I have this card, which is where I received this offer. I already earn 2x points per dollar on non-Marriott spends.

So this additional 5x points actually brings my earning rate up to 7x points per dollar for me.

However, if you happen to receive this offer on a card like this one, it’s even more lucrative with its 4x points per dollar earning rate at gas stations… So yes, with some math, 4 + 5 = 9x points per dollar 🎉 

And remember, many gas stations also have convenience stores that sell snacks and drinks. Plus, I’ve even seen some that sell gift cards… 👀

You’d want to make sure that those items would also code as gas station purchases before going all out, but it’d be yet another great way to earn some bonus points from this offer.

☕️ Sponsored by Beam (the dreamiest hot coca)

Tis the season for cozy nights, hot cocoa, and… deep, peaceful sleep?

That’s right.

We’ve got a big craving for Beam, the hot cocoa drink that’ll help you settle into the best sleep of your life.

And better yet? They’re bringing back their most popular flavor: White Chocolate Peppermint Dream Powder 🤤

Honestly, white chocolate peppermint is like the winter wonderland of desserts, am I right?

Dream is not only silky, smooth, and tasty, but it’s also full of natural sleep-promoting ingredients (CBD, reishi, magnesium, L-theanine, and melatonin) to help you get those Zzzs.

And if you’re worried that it’s full of yucky sugar, DON’T BE. It has zero added sugar, is vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free.

Plus, a whole cup of the stuff only has 15 calories!

Here’s how to make the perfect cup (and get the perfect sleep):

  • 30-45 minutes before bed, pour one scoop into a glass with hot milk or water

  • Stir or froth it up to your liking

  • Sip it

  • Enjoy your deepest night’s sleep 😴

Even a recent clinical study revealed that Dream helped 93% of users get a more restful night’s sleep.

And just for being a Daily Drop reader, you, my friends, get exclusive early access to Beam’s cyber sale— up to 50% OFF site wide!

Discount will be auto-applied at checkout 🤗

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That’s all I’ve got today to kickstart your week! But tell me this…

✈️ How would you use some bonus United miles? ✈️

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Ciao, friends ❤️

Tiffany Eastham
Writer & Editor, Daily Drop

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