✈️ How to multiply your points with transfer bonuses

✈️ How to multiply your points with transfer bonuses

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Trivia Tuesday: Have you ever heard of the Thai tribe known for their elongated necks? Living in Chaing Mai, Thailand, women of the tribe place golden coils around their necks throughout their lifetimes, as you’ll see later in the newsletter. Can you name the tribe?

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Here’s where the magic carpet is taking us today:

  • 💳 Five transfer bonuses you need to know about

  • ✈️ AA is giving away a million miles (and more)

  • 🙋‍♀️ Travel Trivia Tuesday

💳 Five transfer bonuses you need to know about

Every once in a while, we tell you about a great transfer bonus opportunity. If you’re new around here, a transfer bonus is when a points program (usually a bank) will give you extra points when transferring to an airline or hotel program.

It’s a great way to effectively multiply your points and unlock travel at an even better rate than usual.

But it can be tough to keep track of these things, even for someone like me who obsesses over this stuff…

So today, I want to give you a quick-hit list of current transfer bonus opportunities, some of which are ending quite soon.

#1 and #2: Chase and Amex → KLM/Air France Flying Blue (25%)

Transfer Bonus: 25% bonus from Amex and Chase to Flying Blue (Air France and KLM)

Expiration Date: May 15th (for Chase) and May 22nd (for Amex)

My Take: I think the Amex side of things is the most worthwhile use of this bonus, given the outsize value you can get from Chase points with other programs like Hyatt.

Flying Blue is the points program of Air France and KLM, which offer monthly “Promo Rewards” (here are the current ones) which are heavily discounted flights across the Atlantic and beyond.

If you combine this transfer bonus with one of those Promo Rewards, you’re effectively “double-dipping,” which is a great chance to save points on flights.

#3: Chase → Marriott Bonvoy (50%)

Transfer Bonus: 50% bonus from Chase points to Marriott Bonvoy

Expiration Date: May 15th

My Take: Marriott is one of the least valuable ways you can use your Chase points, in my opinion. Having said that, if you primarily stay at Marriott hotels (and don’t really care about other Chase partners), this could be a great way to get really solid value toward a stay.

For example, you could transfer 25,000 points with this bonus to receive 37,000 Marriott points, enough to book this hotel in Bogota that would otherwise cost almost $600 per night.

I stayed here a few weeks ago, and it was incredible!

That means you’re getting around 2.2 cents per Chase point in value, which is GREAT.

We rarely see bonuses this high, but keep in mind that it’s more challenging to get excellent value from Marriott points, though not impossible!

#4: Amex → Avianca LifeMiles (15%)

Transfer Bonus: 15% bonus from Amex to Avianca LifeMiles

Expiration Date: May 31st

My Take: Avianca LifeMiles can be a good way to book Star Alliance awards (like domestic flights on United, for example).

A 15% bonus isn’t worth getting too excited about, and definitely not a reason to transfer a bunch of points for no reason.

I would take advantage of this if (and only if) I had a specific LifeMiles award in mind that I was planning on booking. Otherwise, this is definitely the least exciting of the current bonuses.

#5: Chase → Virgin Atlantic (30%)

Transfer Bonus: 30% bonus from Chase to Virgin Atlantic

Expiration Date: June 15th

My Take: Now we’re talking. This is a pretty solid bonus, and one that’s around for over a month. Here are a couple of examples of how you could use this bonus for great value:

  • 7,700 Chase points (10,000 Virgin miles) to fly from New York to London on Virgin Atlantic

  • 38,500 Chase points (50,000 Virgin miles) to fly in Delta One business class from the U.S. to Europe

The Delta sweet spot is one to keep an eye on here. You can use this bonus to book a round trip in Delta business class to Europe for just 77,000 Chase points, which you can earn just from the current amazing credit card offer we recently told you about.

Overall, it’s rarely difficult to get good value out of Virgin miles, so this is a great bonus in my opinion.

And that’s all for now!

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✈️ AA is giving away a million miles (and more)

Every once in a while, the big dogs throw out a sweepstakes opportunity to win some serious miles.

In fact… last year, when United gave away 500,000 miles, a Daily Drop reader ended up winning one of the prizes (I’m still waiting on my commission, by the way).

Right now, American Airlines is giving away a million miles and a free cruise.

Here are the details:

  • One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive up to a 7-night Norwegian cruise and 500,000 AAdvantage® miles

  • Five (5) First Prize winners will receive 100,000 AAdvantage® miles each

  • You must enter to win by June 30th, 2023

As with all giveaways of this nature, it’s worth taking one minute out of your life to potentially win a life-changing amount of free travel, and that’s really all there is to it.

Good luck! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you all (and for myself 😉).

🙋‍♀️ Travel Trivia Tuesday

I find this to be super interesting, and the correct answer is… 

The Kayan Tribe 

In this unique tribe in Chiang Mai, Thailand, many young girls start wearing these brass coils around the age of five. 👇

 It’s been suggested that adding these coils makes women resemble dragons, but the real meaning behind them has long been debated.

The women have said that they wear coils for cultural meaning and beauty.  

You can read more about the fascinating Kayan Tribe here.

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That’s all for today, friends! It’s rare to see so many excellent ways to multiply your points, so I hope you can all take advantage of at least one of these awesome transfer bonuses.

Given how tough it can be to remember all these transfer bonuses, I have a question:

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Take care, and see you tomorrow!

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