✈️ The hotel chain seeking world domination

✈️ The hotel chain seeking world domination

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When in South Korea, you cannot actually cross over into North Korea to stay permanently. But, did you know that in Panmunjom, you can stand at Joint Security Area and physically stand in North Korea? See for yourself here.

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! You're almost halfway through the week, friends. You can do it! I believe in you.

Also, I saw this meme earlier. I don't know why, but I just find it so funny.

Here's some travel content to help you get over the hump:

  • ✈️ 30% transfer bonus to Qatar Airways (and British Airways)

  • 🍪 Tasty travel tidbits

  • 🏨 Hyatt continues its quest for world domination

✈️ 30% transfer bonus to Qatar Airways (and British Airways)

💡 If you need a refresher on how transfer partners work and how to make transfers, be sure to check out our article or watch our Transfer Partners Masterclass in the Daily Drop lounge.

As we’ve talked about in the past, transfer bonuses are one of the best ways to multiply your points and get over-the-top value out of them.

In addition to all of the other excellent bonuses, Qatar Airways has just joined the mix to offer a meaningful bonus, and this one applies to people all over the world.

Here are the details:

  • Transfer points from dozens of banks around the world to Qatar and receive a 30% bonus

  • Valid until June 30th, 2023

  • Bonus is on the QATAR side, rather than the bank side (so you may not see this reflected on the bank’s website)

  • Bonus points may take up to 45 days to post

You can see a full list of which banks around the world are participating by visiting this link, but for you Americans out there, the one U.S. bank participating is this one.

Now if you’re thinking that this doesn’t matter to you because you never travel on Qatar Airways, think again.

Since Qatar is part of the OneWorld alliance, you can use your Avios to book flights with dozens of partner airlines.

In fact, I used my Qatar Avios just a few days ago to book a flight on Japan Airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo.

You could use these points to book domestic U.S. flights on American Airlines, so there is value to be had for pretty much anyone.

Personally, I use Qatar Airways all the time to fly around the world. You can fly from the U.S. to the Middle East for as few as 35,000 Avios.

That means you could transfer just 27,000 points from a card like this one to fly across the world, which is a fantastic deal.

Since you can freely transfer Qatar Avios to programs like British Airways and Iberia, you can also get some outsize value with those programs as well.

So the bottom line is this:

Much like every other 30% transfer bonus, this is an excellent opportunity to get some outsize value out of your points from this bank.

Avios are one of the most valuable, versatile, and flexible point currencies, so you’ll definitely have plenty of opportunities to use the points.

🍪 Tasty travel tidbits

🏨 Hyatt continues its quest for world domination

Earlier this year, I told you about how I never used to care much about Hyatt. As a U.S.-focused program, I didn’t find it very worthwhile to invest in Hyatt given their tiny global footprint.

But then they started acquiring properties and brands left and right. 

Over the last year, they’ve added hundreds of hotels in dozens of countries worldwide, making it quite the attractive program…

Nowadays, I end up finding Hyatt hotels pretty much everywhere I travel, including some more obscure destinations.

Just one example of Hyatt’s impressive footprint outside of North America

This month, Hyatt is continuing the trend by adding dozens more hotels to their portfolio, this time with Lindner Hotels.

If you’ve never heard of this brand before, it’s probably because these hotels are scattered around Europe and haven’t participated in any major loyalty program before now.

But here are the details:

  • As of June 8th, nine Lindner hotels are now participating in the World of Hyatt program

  • On June 22nd, another 17 properties will join the program

  • There are a handful of hotels (aside from these 26) that may or may not end up participating in the program

  • You can earn and redeem Hyatt points just like any other Hyatt hotel

So why does this matter, you ask?

Well, let me learn you something… It’s no secret that Hyatt has the single best hotel loyalty program out there.

For example, their top-tier Globalist status is incredibly valuable, more than any other loyalty program's elite status.

Their points are worth at least double any other program, and I find their properties to have a higher quality and consistency than other brands.

The only reason I haven’t stayed with them more often is that they simply didn’t have properties at many of the places I travel.

But that is all changing. I’ve told you about the amazing deals I found this week in India at Hyatt Hotels, the all-inclusive properties that you can book for a fraction of the price of similar hotels, and the many perks and promos they’ve been offering in recent months.

So here’s the bottom line…

If you’re like me and want to maximize your hotel points game without needing to worry about finding properties where you travel, I’d highly consider investing in Hyatt.

This is just another example of how they’re RAPIDLY improving on what I previously considered to be their only weakness.

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That’s gonna do it for today, y’all. I don‘t know about you, but I love the (BA, Qatar, Aer Lingus, Iberia, etc.) Avios program.

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