✈️ This airline is offering free unlimited WiFi for ALL

✈️ This airline is offering free unlimited WiFi for ALL

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France is set to become the world’s most visited country in 2025. With its gorgeous coastline, the Alps, the Parisian streets (and pastries), plus the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics… it’s easy to see why.

Good morning and welcome back to Daily Drop, the Centurion Lounge of all travel newsletters. We’ve got the mini spa, the fancy bar, and the award-winning chef... you just bring this card!  

Here’s what we’ve got for this first day of JUNE 😮

  • 💳 Top Cards Update: June Edition

  • 🏨 Hilton offers a sizzling summer Lyft credit

  • ✈️ Singapore Airlines introduces unlimited complimentary WiFi to ALL cabins

💳 Top Cards Update: June Edition

Holy cow, it’s officially June! And you know what that means… new updates to our Top Cards page are officially in 🎉

These cards definitely played a round or two of bumper cars with a few of them shifting up and down the list.

Old faithful is back on top, and Bilt has claimed the number two spot… it’s their birthday month after all! Oh, and don’t forget to take advantage of their rent day promo happening TODAY 🤗

TWO new cards have been added to the list this month.

The first new card is one that I never really paid attention to before… but after its recent relaunch, it’s actually a really solid, mid-tiered card.

Its best spending categories include travel, restaurants, and transit, so if a chunk of your budget already goes to these areas, it could be a perfect fit.

It’s also got a much friendlier annual fee compared to its popular and more expensive siblings (oldest bro & middle child). Plus, it’s currently offering its best sign-up bonus to date! If you’re on the fence about joining the Amex family, give this one a look 👀

I also wanted to highlight this card that we’ve added back onto the list with its new current offer.

It created quite the frenzy a couple of months ago with its awesome Companion Pass promo, but if you primarily travel solo, that deal may not have been as enticing.

It’s upped the SUB to not only include more points (and be more comparable to even some higher-end cards!), but also offers a one-time 30% off promo code to put towards a Southwest flight of your choice.

I’d personally choose a longer, more expensive round-trip flight to burn your 30% discount 😎

Only Email Recipients can participate in polls.

🏨 Hilton offers a sizzling summer Lyft credit

Hilton wants to make your summer that much cooler because they’re offering a $25 Lyft credit to hit the road in the coming months, just by doing a few simple things.

Courtesy of Hilton

Three steps to earn your $25 Lyft credit:

  • Register for the promotion.

  • Link your Hilton Honors and Lyft accounts.

  • Book and stay with Hilton between May 25th - September 5th.

Just be sure that Hilton Honors is the preferred rewards partner in your Lyft account.

After completing your qualifying stay with Hilton, your Lyft credit should be deposited into your Lyft app within four weeks.

This Lyft credit is then valid through December 31, 2023!

It’s a solid offer that doesn’t require a ton of effort or loopholes… which is my favorite type of offer 😎

✈️ Singapore Airlines introduces unlimited complimentary WiFi to ALL cabins

In case you weren’t aware, it’s 2023. And we live in a day and age where the internet controls our lives… except when we’re on a plane (in most cases).

I remember trying to download a TV series to my laptop (last-minute, my fault 🙄) in preparation for an 11-hour flight in economy that didn’t have inflight entertainment… oh, the agony.

Only after the cabin door closed did I realize I still had 2%—TWO PERCENT—left to go, which didn’t happen. No entertainment, and no WiFi.

It’s been six years, and I’m still bitter about it.

BUT, Singapore Airlines just announced that they’ll be extending unlimited, free WiFi to ALL cabins starting in July.

Earlier this year, the airline introduced complimentary WiFi for premium travelers, but now they’re taking it a step further, even if you’re in the back half of the plane.

Let’s take a look at the specifics. For flights through June 30, 2023, Singapore will be offering free WiFi to the following passengers:

  • Suites and first-class passengers (unlimited)

  • Business-class passengers (unlimited)

  • PPS Club members traveling in premium economy or economy (unlimited)

  • KrisFlyer members traveling in premium economy (three hours free)

  • KrisFlyer members traveling in economy (two hours free)

However, starting July 1, 2023, Singapore will offer free, unlimited WiFi to their suites, first-class, business-class, and KrisFlyer members in both premium economy and economy.

The biggest takeaway here is that if you aren’t flying in a premium cabin, you’ll need to have a free KrisFlyer membership to gain access to the coveted WiFi… so probably don’t save that for the last minute either 🥴

Lastly, this feature will be available on Singapore’s A350s, A380s, 777s, 787s, and 737 MAXs. The only planes not equipped with it will be the 737-800s… at least for now.

Overall, this is a great, positive move by Singapore, and an upgrade that will be greatly appreciated by many travelers! Especially for those of us who are writing newsletters or other content while we travel 😉

Perhaps other airlines will take note and follow suit in the future.

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And just like that, another day in the travel-hacking world comes to a close. In fact, I’m taking a positioning flight to San Francisco today in order to catch a flight tomorrow to Tokyo that I’m pretty excited about… maybe it’ll even have WiFi 😎

Also tomorrow, I’m passing the torch back to MIKE who will carry you all into the weekend 🎉

Have a great one!

Tiffany Eastham
Writer & Editor, Daily Drop

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