🏝️ Say "aloha" to our next giveaway... 😏

🏝️ Say "aloha" to our next giveaway... 😏

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🚂 Nat Read, an 84-year-old traveler, recently completed a 21,400-mile Amtrak journey that lasted several decades. Read more here.

Good morning from seat 1A on my favorite plane, the Airbus A220. I’m heading to my homeland of New Hampshire (shoutout to my fellow granite staters) for a few days. #LiveFreeOrDie 🤘🏼

While I enjoy the view from my window, here are some travel hacks:

  • 🎉 Announcing our most exciting giveaway yet

  • ✈️ Flying Blue Promo Rewards (August 2023)

  • 🖼️ Meme

🎉 Announcing our most exciting giveaway yet

People RAVE about how amazing Hawaii is. As a person who kind of likes travel, Hawaii is obviously on my bucket list.

There is one problem, though…

I’d have to sell every possession I own and spend five years racking up points just to spend a week there (over-exaggerating for maximum effect).

Thankfully for you and not so much for me, Daily Drop is giving away an all-expenses-paid trip to the beautiful Sheraton Kauai Coconut Beach resort!

This is the actual resort you’ll stay at if you win…

I mean… wow…

Here’s what the lucky winner will get:

  • 5-night stay at Sheraton Kauai Coconut Beach Resort

  • $2,000 to help cover flights and other miscellaneous expenses

  • Daily $100 food and beverage credits (total of $500)

  • Reservation for two at the resort's intimate Luau Ka Hikina

Look, folks… I love my job here at Daily Drop. But I might quit just so I can be eligible to enter this giveaway. This trip is easily worth THOUSANDS of dollars.

Most companies giving away a trip like this would want you to sign your soul over.

But not us… 😈

You can enter to win this insane trip by simply clicking the big (gorgeous) button below and confirming that you’re subscribed to Daily Drop.

But if you REALLY want to win, you can earn extra entries by following us on social media and installing browser extensions that save you tons of money on travel.

Yes, you read that right. By reading a FREE newsletter and signing up for FREE tools that SAVE you money, we’re gonna give you a free trip.

So stop farting around, just click the button, and rack up some entries. 👇

See you in Hawaii. 🏝️😎

✈️ Flying Blue Promo Rewards (August 2023)

There are a few days of the year that people get excited about. For some, it’s their birthday. For others, it’s Thanksgiving.

For me, it’s every month when Flying Blue announces their Promo Rewards, which are discounted routes between the U.S. and Europe (and beyond) when using points.

This month includes more cities than normal, including multiple Canadian cities.

Here are the deets:

  • You must book your flights by the end of the month (August 31st)

  • Travel can take place all the way through March 31st, 2024

  • You must book your trips via either KLM or Air France, depending on the city (see the screenshot above)

  • Discounts will automatically be applied to search results

As always, Flying Blue promo rewards are usually the best and cheapest way to get to Europe with points.

I’m also super pumped about just how many cities are eligible for this month’s rewards.

For example, flying from Houston to Europe for 15,000 points one-way is a great deal, given the huge distance.

Something super unique about this month, however, is the routes to China that are included.

As you can see from the image at the beginning of the section, you can fly from Europe to Shanghai for just 18,750 miles one-way.

Here’s why this is exciting:

First of all, anybody based in Europe who wants to travel to Asia has a fantastic option to get there with very few miles.

Second, flying to China is CRAZY expensive right now… Tourism is still ramping up there, and flights are pretty sparse.

So even if you live in North America, you could fly from the East Coast to Europe for 11,250 miles, then Europe to Shanghai for 18,750 miles for a grand total of just 30,000 miles with a single layover.

Alternatively, you could make it a big boy trip and spend a week or two in Europe, then continue on to China for another week or two.

What I love most about Flying Blue is how easy it is to get miles without flying on Air France or KLM.

Almost all major banks allow you to transfer points (often with a transfer bonus) to Flying Blue.

I just transferred points from this card (it was actually the Canadian version, which also transfers to Flying Blue) a few days ago to book an upcoming flight with a partner airline.

It took about 30 seconds for the miles to appear in my Flying Blue account, so I was able to snag the very last seat within two minutes of finding the flight.

So given the ease of earning miles and the cheap redemption rates, Flying Blue remains one of the best points programs out there for traveling around the world.

🖼️ Meme

Want to help Daily Drop take over the world? Share our newsletter with your friends/family/pets/colleagues/enemies and win some rewards in the process!

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…or you can just buy these prizes from our website if you want to keep us all to yourself. 😉

That’s all for today, folks. I know I say this every time we have a giveaway, but gosh darn it am I jealous of whoever wins this one…

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Make sure you enter that giveaway, and I’ll see you first thing tomorrow.

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Head Writer, Daily Drop

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