The best Wyndham promotion since... ever

The best Wyndham promotion since... ever

August 11, 2022

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Here's what we have in store for you today:

  • 🏨 Earn some easy free hotel nights
  • ✈️ Jetblue expands to Europe
  • 🌎 Amazing flight deals to South America
  • 🤨 Fun travel trivia

Earn an Easy 14,000 Wyndham Points

In the world of hotels, there are some truly amazing loyalty programs out there that offer incredible value for money. Then there's Wyndham Rewards. Sorry Wyndham, nothing personal… 😬

All joking aside, sometimes there are deals that make it worth investing in programs like this. Right now, Wyndham has a promotion that will award a $25 Shell gift card for booking a 2-night stay or a $50 Shell gift card for booking a 3-night stay.

Stay with me, I promise it gets better...

Why should you care about this?


The reason this promo is interesting is that the gift cards are awarded in the form of points, which can then be redeemed for gift cards. Specifically, you'll get 7,500 points for the 2-night stay and 14,000 points for the 3-night stay. Technically, you never need to use these points to actually get the gift cards - you could just keep them and use them toward a future hotel stay. And you should.


Wyndham has a pretty large footprint globally between all of their brands, so finding a Wyndham hotel in a city you might be visiting should be pretty easy. It also just so happens that you can book Wyndham rooms for as little as 7,500 points (what a coincidence). This means that you could potentially look at this as a "buy two, get one free" or "buy three, get two(ish) free" promo.


Now, keep in mind that a 7,500 point property probably won't knock your socks off… However, since Wyndham owns brands like Super 8, you could book a couple of $50 hotel nights and then use your 7,500 bonus points to book a $100 hotel night somewhere else - essentially you'd get a 100% return on that transaction.


My take on this promo


Overall, the number of points they're giving away could be an excellent deal if you have a two or three-night trip coming up and can find a cheap Wyndham property to book. I personally never stay at Wyndham hotels, but I'm definitely going to take a look at my upcoming travel plans to see if I could take advantage of this deal. Because hey, free travel is free travel!


Don't forget that in order to take advantage of this promo you need to register for the offer, book your stay using the Wyndham app by August 14th, and complete your stay by September 30th.

JetBlue Adds More Flights to Europe

You've probably seen JetBlue in the news a lot lately. Or maybe you haven't and I'm just a huge aviation nerd… Don't judge... From their recently announced merger with Spirit Airlines to their expansion into the Canadian market, JetBlue has been making some serious moves to expand its network and fleet.

The latest development came when JetBlue announced that they will add a daily flight between Boston (BOS) and London (LGW) starting on September 20th.

This is great news for JetBlue's frequent fliers and anyone who wants to travel to Europe (which I hope is most of you). The routes launches in a couple of months, so hopefully things will calm down a little bit by then. Travel this Summer has been... well... less than ideal.

Why fly JetBlue over another airline?

Well for one, JetBlue has some of the most comfortable planes and seats out there, whether you're flying in economy or in their first-class Mint suites (you're welcome for the shoutout, Kara and Nate 😉).

Second, JetBlue points are easy to earn in the U.S. due to their partnerships with American Express, Capital One, and another blue bank that doesn't like it when we use their name in our emails 😛

All three of these banks allow you to earn points by spending on their credit cards and transferring them to JetBlue (among other airlines and hotels). Credit cards, points, transfers, etc. are an important part of travel hacking, and we'll be diving deeper into those topics in the future. So be sure to stick around if you want to learn more.

Finally, JetBlue just has all-around affordable airfare. Even looking at the initial launch of this route, round-trip tickets are hovering around $500, which is cheaper than the same route on Delta, United, American, British Airways, and others.

Overall, this is an exciting announcement. I can see JetBlue becoming an important player in the trans-Atlantic market, so stay on the lookout for future European destinations from them.

✈️ Deal Of The Day

Tickets to the Colombian city of Medellín are currently extremely cheap from certain U.S. cities this Fall. Before you write off the city as being dangerous, just know that things have changed a lot since the days of Pablo Escobar...

Medellín has some of the best weather in the world, incredible nightlife, amazing public transit infrastructure, and some of the best food and coffee on the continent.

This city and country have been on my bucket list for years, and I think you should add them to yours too 😊


I'll leave you with a quick piece of travel trivia to finish up:

The shortest flight in the world is only 1.5 minutes long (wrap your head around that for a sec 🤯). Which country does this flight take place in? Let me know what your guess is by responding to this email (bonus points if you can guess the airline too).


Thanks for tuning in today, and I'll see you in the next newsletter 👋🏼

Mike Dodge

​Head Writer, FareDrop

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