✈️ The perks of co-branded card referrals

✈️ The perks of co-branded card referrals

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Good morning and welcome back to Daily Drop, the Madonna of all travel newsletters. Just like a prayer… our travel hacks can take you there!

Wait… did she not say that? 🤔

Here’s what today holds, friends:

  • 💳 How to create referrals across co-branded cards in this family

  • 🍒 Win a $2,000 travel voucher from Cherry

  • ✈️ Score flight discounts for being a student

💳 How to create referrals across co-branded cards in this family

In the past, we’ve talked about the utter coolness of referral bonuses:

  • You have card A and get a unique referral link

  • You share said link with someone so they sign up for card A

  • You earn a chunk of referral points (could be 15k, 20k, or even 30k) if that person gets approved for that card

It’s great, and we also talk a lot about this concept in our two-player mode article.

BUT. Amex, which offers two of our favorite cards (this one and this one), makes it possible to refer others across cards within the Amex family.

What this means is if you hold a card issued by Amex and you earn Amex points from this card (as one example), you can refer someone to a co-branded card issued by, say, Marriott or Hilton, and if they’re approved for whatever card they pick, you’ll still earn your bonus Amex referral points even though your card and their new card are completely different cards 🎉

For example, you and your spouse/partner probably don’t both need a $700 annual fee card, BUT maybe your husband is looking into one of the co-branded Hilton cards to work towards elite status and build a stash of points to be used for free reward stays… 👀

Just because you don’t personally hold that card, doesn’t mean you can’t refer him to it. That’s the flexibility of referring others within Amex.

You could even hold one of Amex’s lower-tiered cards and still refer someone to any card in Amex’s portfolio… even the big boy cards.

I know this might be hard to grasp, so let’s go through an example.

First, log in to your Amex account and scroll to the bottom to find “Refer A Friend.”

If you have multiple cards, you can select whichever one you’d like to get the referral bonus with (some offers are better than others!). You’ll also see your unique referral link that you can copy and share.

This is where it gets fun. The card that I’m generating a referral link for is definitely a higher-tiered card with a pricy annual fee (but one that is MORE than justified with all its perks and benefits).

However, it’s not for everyone. Maybe your friend is eyeing this card or even this card.

You can see in the screenshot below that when your friend or partner uses your referral link, they’re free to scroll through ALL of Amex’s cards. They can pick whatever one they want, including personal or business cards!

One last point to be aware of is that Amex co-branded cards are limited to referring within that same co-branded family.

So, for instance, if you have a co-branded Delta, Hilton, Marriott etc. card (and you create your referral link from one of them) your friend would only be able to choose from cards within that same co-branded airline or hotel family.

But, again, if you generate a referral link from an Amex card that earns general Amex points or cash back, then there are no limitations to what card your friend can pick.

This is a GREAT way to earn a referral bonus and expand the portfolio of cards that you and your travel partner can use to maximize the perks and benefits for the both of you 🤗

🍒 Win a $2,000 travel voucher from Cherry

You may or may not remember a few weeks ago when we talked about a new sweet browser extension called Cherry.

In short, they help you save a TON of money when booking accommodations. If you want a refresher about how it all works, check out our past newsletter on it.

Even though they’re already working hard to bring you some super sweet deals… Cherry just got even sweeter 😎

They’re offering up the chance to win a $2,000 travel voucher just for signing up and downloading their browser extension! It’s COMPLETELY FREE to do so!

Courtesy of Cherry

Plus, once you’ve done your initial sign-up, they’ve got a whole host of bonus entry opportunities to increase your chances of winning! You can view the complete terms and conditions here.

But hurry! Winners will be announced on July 18th, 2023.

✈️ Score flight discounts for being a student

For many, Memorial Day weekend signals the beginning of summer… especially if you’re a college student.

The final countdown is officially on, and you start to repair the walls of your dorm room that were trashed from ripping down all your posters in hopes of getting that security deposit back 😎

In honor of the end of the school year coming up, I thought I’d do a search to find all the different student discounts available on different airlines.

And keep in mind, the term “student” is used loosely on many airlines. Some offer these discounts if you’re between 18-31ish years old, others need proof of enrollment, and others don’t care if you’re a part-time student or a full-time student.

Some of these deals and discounts include perks like fixed-price flight credits, percentages off of normal ticket fares, flexible cancellation/changes, additional baggage allowance, and even complimentary WiFi 👌

For starters, we wrote about United’s flight discounts for young travelers a little over a month ago, but full disclosure here: It’d be impossible to list out every term and condition for every program within the confines of this newsletter.

So if you’re planning a trip and you spot an airline on the list that you’re interested in, you can decide for yourself if it looks worth pursuing 🤗👇

Other airlines like Etihad, Spirit, and Frontier, for example, also had student discounts, but those appear to have expired… which is lame.

And just because an airline doesn’t currently offer any student rates doesn’t mean they won’t bring it back into rotation (or introduce it) in the future!

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I don’t know about you all, but I’m feeling pretty ready for summer! Despite the high prices, I hope you’ll score a deal somewhere to make that summer vacay happen ☺️

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Ciao for now.

Tiffany Eastham
Writer & Editor, Daily Drop

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